Slide What is D.I.V.E. all about?

Transform your audience engagement for the virtual world

The world of activating audiences is evolving as communities need to come together in both a physical and digital way.

We believe in the power of bold thinking to create those breakthrough experiences, whether live, hybrid or virtual, that connect in more meaningful, memorable and shareable ways.

Our methodology will help you to adapt and transform your engagement strategies; to create powerful human connections in a virtual world. We use a collaborative desgin thinking approach to help you:

Gain a holistic understanding of your audience Ideate and design user-focused live, digital and hybrid experiences Implement engagement solutions that meet your needs and your strategy

D.I.V.E. by MCI will provide an agile, effective and scalable framework tailored to your brand's objectives; whether it is to enhance employee engagement, build brand loyalty or activate new audiences.


Xperience Journey

Redefine the future of your audience engangement with our tried-and-tested methodology in experience design


Business Model



Bussines Goals

Bussines Goals

Digital Experience

Event Organisation

Behavioural Analysis

Bussines Goals

Value Creation

F2F vs Digital vs Hybrid


Assessment & Deployment




The MCI Methodology Framework

Xperience Map

Phygital Persona

Engagement Spectrum

Phygital Business Model

Digital-Hybrid Event
(Needs - Design - Formats - Tech)

Intersection of Physical - Digital - Hybrid

Audience Engagement Strategy

Audience Segments

Physical - Digital - Hybrid Experience Scalability

5-step process to transform your audience engagement

Phygital Matrix