Transform your engagement strategies for the virtual world

Digital is about human connections

The world of activating audiences is evolving as communities need to come together in both a physical and digital way, offline and online. Technology will never stop progressing, so how do you future-proof your engagement and revenue models?

D.I.V.E. is a methodology to help associations gain a holistic understanding of their event audiences, ideate and design impactful live, hybrid and virtual experiences, review financial performances and implement new engagement strategies.

About D.I.V.E.

Our methodology will help you to adapt and transform your engagement strategies; to create meaningful stakeholder connections in a virtual world. We use a collaborative design thinking approach to help you:

Gain a holistic understanding of your audience

Ideate and design user-focused live, digital and hybrid experiences

Implement engagement solutions that meet your needs and your strategy

Financial optimisation expertise: defining business models that create value

D.I.V.E. will provide an agile, effective and scalable framework tailored to your association’s objectives; whether it is to enhance participants’ engagement, build your membership or activate new audiences.

Discover how our D.I.V.E. methodology will enable your association to:


Your association's objectives

Your target audiences’ needs & expectations, plus where they find value

Success factors


Explore experience touchpoints

[F2F – Digital - Hybrid]

Innovative approaches

Robust financial modelling


‍Design the user experience journey

Tailored platform to meet your audiences’ needs

Personalised experiences


Blended experiences

Heighten engagement, connection & reach

Understand your audiences on a deeper level through data

Discover more about D.I.V.E for Associations

Shared In-Person Experiences





Personalised Experiences



At MCI, we understand the challenges and pitfalls that digital potentially represents to organisations – the need to do something quickly versus the long term sustainable and customised approach.

Our online and offline expertise, combined with 30 years of strategic insights and knowledge of how to activate diverse association audiences, allows us to guide you through a successful digital transformation; combining the right strategy with the right results to manage risk and establish long-term growth and financial return.

We work with you to create collaborative and interconnected hybrid experiences that are designed to complement your strategy, deliver a return on engagement and ensure the highest value outcomes following tailored consultation and extensive modelling.

Redefine the future of engagement

Key benefits

Now is the time to build future-oriented, transformative engagement solutions that…

Create positive
business outcomes
and revenues

Extend the life and value
of your content

Ensure the platform is
relevant to your association and
your audience

Capture valuable
audience insights and conversations

Broaden your association's reach
and increase engagement

Focus on the future
not just the now...

What our clients say

Associations we've collaborated with


The D.I.V.E. methodology is highly adaptable and customisable to suit whichever stage of your event
engagement strategy. With expert-led consultation, our services will be tailored to your association’s
specific requirements to ensure future-proofed engagement, optimised revenue generation and sustainable growth.

Strategise your event

Create association and stakeholder value

2 ½ day co-creation workshops or choose your format

Maximise profit and success

2 ½ day co-creation workshops or choose your format


Unlock event growth and deliver new value based on targeted predicted outcomes

Develop your event

Design and tech enable a standout program

2 ½ day co-creation workshops or choose your format

Surface differentiating ideas and distinguished experts

½ day ideation session


Unleash meaningful program innovations using design, neuroscience, and AI inputs

Execute for virtual

Speaker toolkit

On-demand access

Speaker training

Choose your delivery format

Expert panel discussion training

Choose your delivery format

Pre-event audience engagement analysis

Representative group testing


Seamless deployment and alignment of all stakeholders to event success


Transform your audience engagement for the virtual world

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